Werewolves of London

45 0 30 Oct 2019

Although this is not a Halloween song, it does mention werewolves.

Forever Autumn

41 0 28 Oct 2019

This song expresses the way that I have been feeling lately.


89 0 17 Aug 2018


Snoopy Versus the Red Baron

78 0 14 Jul 2018

Here is a Clip from a Halloween Classic.

This is from the Peanuts Halloween special that features Snoopy versus the Red Baron.

The Great Pumpkin

80 0 07 Jul 2018

Here is a clip from It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!


I loved watching this as a child.

Halloween Photographs

79 0 07 Jul 2018

Here are some photographs with Halloween themes.

Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Moon


Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins



Sweet Dreams are Made of This

84 0 03 Jul 2018

Several videos with a spooky of Halloween theme have been posted on YouTube. I have posted a few of them below.

This song has been made into several videos. Here is the original version of it. Annie Lennox  is in this version of the video.


Here is a cartoon montage.



Here is another Halloween cartoon.

War of the Worlds

68 0 03 Jul 2018

Here is a recording of the radio play featuring Orson Wells. As a Halloween prank, Orson Wells produced a radio play that seemed to be too real for its audience. Newspapers published exaggerated stories about the panic that this play supposedly caused.

New Servers

73 0 21 Jun 2018

This web site has been moved to new servers that have lifetime hosting. I am trying to restore the old content. Failing that, I will have to recreate some of the old content while writing new content.